27 mars 2012

I'm dreaming of a white week-end...

Just like the one we 've just had! Who could dream of a better week-end? A quiet Friday evening, my usual market shopping on Saturday morning (with my little one, while Manu and 'notre grand' are at the swimming-pool for their scuba-diving training). A short afternoon nap in my white linen sheet (given to me by my mom and which I've managed to sew into a duvet cover)       cut from the rest of the world by this light screen...       Comment rêver d'un meilleur week-end? Un... [Lire la suite]
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26 mars 2012


Among other things, what I like about my job, is the fact that I'm asked to go with pupils on day trip to.... Anywhere in fact! Last Thursday was Bordeaux. 1 hour and a half bus trip in the morning and the same at the end of the afternoon during which I worked on my second sock...        Morning was dedicated to a printing museum : loved it! An old factory (would be a beautiful loft by the way!!!) full of 19th century machines made in steel, dark wood.        And the... [Lire la suite]
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21 mars 2012

In the cupboard

         Wordless Wednesday
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20 mars 2012


When I was 15, I was madly in love with a boy. A book guy, a music guy, a theatre guy... Everything I liked! We had decided to meet in Pisa, Italy, on Spring day 2012 : yes, today. And, hum, well, I'm not there! I suppose I could have gone, to be true to a word given some 25 years ago... But I think I didn't really feel like it. My life is different now. And I've given my feelings to a man I hope I will still see on a daily basis 25 years from today! So Italy couldn't be without him. But still, I just wanted to say sorry if * went... [Lire la suite]
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16 mars 2012

Luchon Doors

Let me wander in a new town with my camera, and here is what happen : pictures of doors! I don't know why it is that I like about them. Like the cover of a book, they are the beginning of a story. They are similar, made according to a country or an area style, but still, they have their own details which make them unique : a faded color, a knob, a knocker... All witnesses from the past, touched by hands, and hands, and hands... I feel a bit silly, standing in the streets, taking pictures of doors... But that doesn't stop me! ... [Lire la suite]
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14 mars 2012


I wanted new pyjamas. Luckily, my rule not to buy new doesn't apply to underwear, socks or pyjamas... well, I guess you easily understand why... But after a quick and unsuccessful prospection to my local Monoprix, I decided to make my own. I chose a black and white Toile de Jouy and an old black tee-shirt. The pants will unfortunately never be worn....Too tight (One of my sewing issue is that I'm reluctant to use real patterns, but cut from clothes I like instead. Well, that may be a problem!!!). But I like the tee-shirt. I've done... [Lire la suite]
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12 mars 2012

Selfish time

I don't ski. I know how, but I never liked it. I used to go when I was a child, ill-equiped I suppose, freezing from head to toes. And I'm definetly not a physical person. I love calm and activities that go with it. So, skiing was not meant for me : heavy shoes, skies to carry, sticks that get in the way... I like nothing about it eventhough now my clothes are warmer. But as an adult I can say NO. I think we are already involved in so many things without real desire in our daily life, that when it comes to leisure, I want to be under... [Lire la suite]
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10 mars 2012

Tartelette aux noix

Back from our ski holidays...where I didn't ski! I don't like it... But Manu and the boys love skiing! It was a first time for my little one : how proud he was on his little skis... I haven't lost my time and I'll show you what I've done later. But to give you "un avant-goût", here is a treat I bought in one the bakeries there : walnut tart. Just imagine... It was really as good as it seems!               De retour de vacances où les enfants et Manu ont... [Lire la suite]
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02 mars 2012

Magic basket

Reading According to Matt yesterday morning, I realized I had a great bag as well : it is only used when I go the gym (that is to say not so often these days...Hum). So, one second later my bag was given a new but vital task : be the gardian of my projects! And as I'm going away for a few days, I REALLY need a big enough guy to hold all the stuff I can't possibly do without (ripple#2 -bad news about this one, but I'll evoke this later... - a new pair of socks to cast, my big scarf that needs to be a tiny bit... [Lire la suite]
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01 mars 2012

Spring baby

Finished! So, here is my first ripple. As I said, the colors were chosen according to my brother's home, but in the end, I quite like it. I didn't make the cover too babyish, but still, the result is tender enough to fit in a crib. The yarn is from Cheval Blanc, called Triade, and made from recycled fibers. Hook n°5. About 500g. 1m20/70cm. I just have to wait for this baby to come now... And according to his mummy, it should be sooner than planned!            Et voilà my première... [Lire la suite]
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