28 février 2012

Spring 2012

Second day on our winter break : I slept (but this of course isn't the time when I got up!!!). My bedside (a little piece of wooden furniture found in a flea market), my alarm, my grand-mother sewing box (which now contains the little jewlery I keep but never wear) and a cat, because who else than a cat can inspire sleep? Deuxième jour de vacances : j'ai dormi (mais ce n'est pas l'heure à laquelle je me suis levée!!!) Ma table de nuit, achetée sur un vide-grenier, mon réveil, la boîte à couture de ma grand-mère (où je garde le... [Lire la suite]
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25 février 2012

Japonese flower scarf

Crochet is something I've wanted to do for years, but eventhough it was explained to me, I never could get it. So, I gave up the idea. Until I saw this, this and this again!!! And then, that was it! Green with envy, I decided I HAD to learn! I found a perfect tuto here (but it has been removed since, for copyright reasons), printed it (bad girl, I know!) and spent a couple of evenings STRUGGLING to get....nothing. A poor result, nothing that could be taken for a flower anyway. My mother-in-law, seeing me so sorry, tried to show me.... [Lire la suite]
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24 février 2012

Ripple : second edition!

How can you explain the funny fact that every one of us has several things on the needles/crochet? Is it temptation : "Oh! a new yarn!"? (works as well with "Oh! a new pattern!") Or is it the fear to be left without anything to do (the mere thought makes me cringe!)? Or, basic weakness to yield to sheer pleasure : the more the better? Remains a mystery to me... Anyhow, here is a second ripple cover (pattern from Lucy) and no, in case you wonder, the first one isn't finished! But I have such a good excuse : my little one had bought... [Lire la suite]
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22 février 2012

Du bleu dans la maison #1

I don't know what's with blue and me but the least I can say is that it's an old love story! It all started in August 1993 : after having spent 6 weeks in North Yorkshire (not far from the beautiful city of York) that included a lot of rain and grey skies (sorry, English readers, I REALLY like your country, but your weather isn't my cup of tea!) we flew to Greece for a forthnight. What a contrast!!! The light! The temperature! The sun! And the blue!!!! Or should I say the blues.... Different hues of blue painted on the shades.... The... [Lire la suite]
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19 février 2012

Etole à torsade

Another first time : first cable!!! I chose a pattern from La Droguerie with a single, central cable and worked my way with a DPN (not having any cable needle). And you know what? It's kind of easy once you understand how it works. Ok, it took me a while to get it, and if I was honnest, I would add that I started this scarf all over again at least three times! But well.... It's finally : 1. finished 2. soft, soft, soft.... 3. warm, warm, warm.... Size : 100cm/30cm. I used 9mm needles and 250g Alpaga wool called Andes (from Drops,... [Lire la suite]
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16 février 2012

Flowers...and now what?

                              I had found these very appealing, and wanted to make some too. But well, now, I don't know what to do with them!!!! These Japonese flowers will be waiting for my inspiration to awake. J'avais trouvé beaucoup de charme à celles-ci, et bien sûr, pour ne pas être en reste, je voulais en faire, moi aussi! Sauf que maintenant, et bien je ne sais pas quoi en... [Lire la suite]
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15 février 2012

new boots

No more new clothes! At least for me. I said that a few months ago. Not really sure I could manage. First because I like shopping, and then because second-hand shops are quite rare here, in my small provincial town. Fortunatly, there are a lot on the web. But well, except from underwear and shoes, I haven't bought anything new lately. I got 2 new sweaters from my sisters, but otherwise, well.... I hold my word! I think I'm fed up with how much money we're supposed to spend to wear clothes that don't really fit, or I don't... [Lire la suite]
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14 février 2012

Mémé Toto

I told you I was finishing my first pair of hand-knit socks... But what I haven't told you is that this thing about hand-knit socks, this kind of virus (because that's what it seems to be when you read posts across the blogo) was given to me by Mémé Toto. It wasn't my grand-mother, but my friend's from university, and I 've never even met her! But I wore her socks....I still own one pair -kind of worn out - for me, and keep another baby pair my friend gave me for Marin when he was born, 11 years ago.... In the meanwhile, when I went... [Lire la suite]
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13 février 2012

Week-end #1

Special Sunday at our place as I turned 40! I was absolutely spoiled : cards, presents, phone calls, "tarte Tatin" from Manu himself! Glorious weather (still extremely cold though), cakes, walk on the harbour. And so much love. My little one bought me some yarn (with the help of his dad!) and my tall one, some make-up! I loved the thoughts of these two!!! Manu designed a ring. It is being made. I love it. But, like me, you'll to wait to see it for real. I let my ripple aside for now because I decided to improve my knitting. A lot of... [Lire la suite]
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11 février 2012


Here is the snow! Very rare around here, and even super rare when it lasts..... That's how our baby palmtree spent the week in a white garden. According to me, we could do without snow, without winter altogether... But my boys don't agree with on this particular subject!                              ***** Voici la neige dans notre jardin, rare ici, et plus rare encore quand elle tient. Notre... [Lire la suite]
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