31 mars 2012

Wool & jeans

Last time I walked into a charty shop looking for a new pair of jeans (I only had one left, and two is a minimum!), I spotted some yarn. Colorful, synthetic, rather uninteresting, but oh my! at the bottom of the box, were these 6 skeins of natural cream and brown wool... What am I going to do with them : of this I haven't got a clue, but I had to buy them, of this I was sure! So, I happily spent 5€ on jeans and wool!            La dernière fois que je suis entrée dans un magasin de La... [Lire la suite]
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15 février 2012

new boots

No more new clothes! At least for me. I said that a few months ago. Not really sure I could manage. First because I like shopping, and then because second-hand shops are quite rare here, in my small provincial town. Fortunatly, there are a lot on the web. But well, except from underwear and shoes, I haven't bought anything new lately. I got 2 new sweaters from my sisters, but otherwise, well.... I hold my word! I think I'm fed up with how much money we're supposed to spend to wear clothes that don't really fit, or I don't... [Lire la suite]
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