01 mars 2012

Spring baby

Finished! So, here is my first ripple. As I said, the colors were chosen according to my brother's home, but in the end, I quite like it. I didn't make the cover too babyish, but still, the result is tender enough to fit in a crib. The yarn is from Cheval Blanc, called Triade, and made from recycled fibers. Hook n°5. About 500g. 1m20/70cm. I just have to wait for this baby to come now... And according to his mummy, it should be sooner than planned!            Et voilà my première... [Lire la suite]
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24 février 2012

Ripple : second edition!

How can you explain the funny fact that every one of us has several things on the needles/crochet? Is it temptation : "Oh! a new yarn!"? (works as well with "Oh! a new pattern!") Or is it the fear to be left without anything to do (the mere thought makes me cringe!)? Or, basic weakness to yield to sheer pleasure : the more the better? Remains a mystery to me... Anyhow, here is a second ripple cover (pattern from Lucy) and no, in case you wonder, the first one isn't finished! But I have such a good excuse : my little one had bought... [Lire la suite]
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10 février 2012


Happy birthday to me.... Well in a few days, anyway.... I'll turn 40! Wahou....Seems incredible : already! But, I'm not the least sad or regretful, as my years were filled with many satisfactions : two boys, a loving man, a house not so far from the sea, a job among books and children...and even cats.... What else could I ask for? Well, learn to make things was on the list, and guess what? Here is one of my crochet things : a ripple cover for my third nephew, due this spring. I chose a recycled yarn in natural, colors. Rather... [Lire la suite]
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