20 mars 2012


When I was 15, I was madly in love with a boy. A book guy, a music guy, a theatre guy... Everything I liked!

We had decided to meet in Pisa, Italy, on Spring day 2012 : yes, today. And, hum, well, I'm not there! I suppose I could have gone, to be true to a word given some 25 years ago... But I think I didn't really feel like it. My life is different now. And I've given my feelings to a man I hope I will still see on a daily basis 25 years from today! So Italy couldn't be without him. But still, I just wanted to say sorry if * went and didn't find me there!

Je ne traduis pas ce message! Je vous propose de me poster vos traductions en commentaire et je vous apporterai les corrections si nécessaire! On ne se refait pas hein, quand on est prof, je suppose qu'on aime donner des devoirs! Allez, bon courage...

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    So romantic ...
    Je crois que j'y serais allée : ) Même au risque d'être la seule à voir la tour de Pise pencher :p

    Posté par sugar, 25 mars 2012 à 22:57
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